From secret temples hidden deep underneath the Oceana Naval Base in Virginia Beach come the most mesmerizing women in rock:


Born during a forgotten dynasty when fire and death spewed from the earth, three lesbians were miraculously transformed into the gorgeously disfigured rock superstars KimZylla, RikkiLee, and KenChan. Armed with nuclear powered martial arts, Chinese black magic, and a techno-thrash sound, KUNG FU DYKES are a band never to be forgotten!

With beauty that causes all to fall madly in love with her, KimZylla is the sensei and alpha female of Kung Fu Dykes. KimZylla is a master of all known and unknown forms of martial arts. She has the ability to levitate and she can move faster than light. KimZylla has never lost a fight and she has made love to over a billion women. KimZylla's vocals are more powerful than a typhoon and her tongue and wit are razor sharp!

KenChan is the caretaker of the Dykes. Because of an obsessive compulsive personality, KenChan has got to kick the crap out of an adversary five times everytime. She can spit acidic vomit on the enemy and can also shoot flames a thousand feet out of any orifice. Kenchan is an expert of the ninja whore style bionic karate and she is skilled in the forgotten art of flaming rainbow Chinese black magic. KenChan's bass is so loud it makes the deaf hear again!

The most hideously disfigured of the Dykes, RikkiLee is the powerhouse of the trio. RikkiLee the Massive has the strength of 1,000 oxen and she cannot get drunk. RikkiLee the Massive can also dismember and throw any part of her body with atom splitting force and accuracy. She's a 700th degree black belt of the drunken nun and dragon queen styles of super kung fu. RikkiLee the Massive's guitar makes the earth split whenever she plays!

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JennaSaki has been replaced by beautiful and deadly new vocalist KimZylla!

Kung Fu Dykes just finished recording their full length studio album! You can hear 4 promotional samples on our Myspace, Facebook, and ReverbNation pages!

Check back soon for more info on upcoming live invasions this fall!